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The Stonington Cemetery Association is fortunate to have an inventory of burials compiled during 2016 and 2017 by local volunteers. Although we cannot make these resources interactive, spreadsheets and maps available here will be helpful. 
Please note that Stonington Cemetery is listed on Find-A-Grave's website as Evergreen Cemetery. We have sometimes been known by this name though we aren't incorporated as such. We apologize for any confusion.  
The Thomas Hale Collection has been a valuable resource for us. This is a comprehensive survey of burials in Connecticut cemeteries conducted as part of a WPA (Works Progress Administration) program in the 1930's. 
Not all of this inventory of over 2,000 Connecticut cemeteries  has been digitized. The typed pages of of the Stonington Cemetery Association section of the Hale Collection has been digitized and is available here. You can also use this searchable PDF to move more quickly to the name you are looking for. It will tell you on which page of the scanned PDF the name and information are located. You can then locate the grave using the spreadsheet and maps from the 2017 inventory and mapping project. Or go directly to the 2017 database. Some of the headstones inventoried in the 1930's are extant. 
We often receive inquiries about burials not located in Stonington Cemetery. We are one of 61 cemeteries located in the Town of Stonington. Many of these burial locations have been abandoned. They are the family burial grounds.
Information about burials in locations other than Stonington Cemetery can be found in the Thomas Hale Inventory for the Town of Stonington. The Hale inventory references burial locations by name. Many are small and somewhat forgotten cemeteries. In 1985, the Stonington Historical Society published a helpful guidebook to these cemeteries - Stonington Graveyards: A Guide. The volume is available at the Woolworth Library at the Stonington Historical Society. The Hale inventory for the entire Town of Stonington is available there, too. For burials located in the Town but not in Stonington Cemetery, we recommend that you consult the Stonington Historical Society.
We have reproduced the helpful map and legend from that research here. If you have difficulty reading this information,  please contact us at our email address.
Please contact us for our complete burial inventory. The list is an Excel document that this site cannot support.
For convenience locating a grave, the cemetery has been divided into 16 sections shown here. You can access Section Maps by going to the Section Map and consulting the appropriate map. Section numbers are listed in column A on the spreadsheet.
We also have detailed  maps of the sections with each plot noted. They can be accessed by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page.
Many veterans' graves have been identified during the past two years. A list of these burials with their locations can be found here. If you have a relative or a friend buried in Stonington Cemetery who is not on the list, please let us know.
1. Section 1-Old Section
2. Section 1-Hyde
3. Section 2
4. Section 3 - Hyde
5. Section 3 - Map 3A
6. Section 3 - Map 3B
7. Section 4 - Map Overview
8. Section 4 - Map 4A
9. Section 4 - Map 4B
10. Section 4 - Map 4C
11. Section 4 - Map 4D
12. Section 5 - Pendelton
13. Section 5 - Hyde
14. Section 6 - Map Overview
15. Section 6 - Wayland
16. Section 6 - Map 6P
17. Section 6 - Map T & W
18. Section 7 - Map Overview
19. Section 7 - Map 7B - Graves 17-35
20. Section 8 - Map Overview
21. Section 8 - Map 8A
22. Section 8 - Map 8P
23. Section 8 - Map 8W
24. Section 9 - Map 9A
25. Section 9 - Map 9B
26. Section 10 
27. Section 11 - Map Overview
28. Section 11 - Map 11A
29. Section 11 - Map 11B
30. Section 11 - Map 11C
31. Section 12 - Map 12
32. Section 13 - Map Overview
33. Section 13 - Map 13A
34. Section 13 - Map 13B
35. Section 13 - Map 13C
36. Section 14 - Map Overview
37. Section 14 - Map 14A
38. Section 14 - Map 14B
39.  Section 15 - Map 15A
40. Section 15 - Map 15B
41. Section 16 - Map 16A
42. Section 16 - Map 16B
43. Section 16 - Map 16C
44. Section 16 - Map 16D
45. Section 16 - Map 16E
Stonington Graveyards Map-sepia.jpg
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