Volunteer Opportunities

Over the past year, volunteers have engaged in fulfilling experiences at Stonington Cemetery aimed at improving the quality of our grounds, repairing historical memorials, and documenting our history. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities, please reach out to us via the form on the contact page

We currently need assistance with stick clean-up at the cemetery. There is no set schedule for this work. Volunteers are asked to form manageable piles of sticks on the side of the roadways, but off of the road. Out of respect for our families, please do not pile sticks on burial plots or graves. Volunteers from the Board of Directors regularly check the property for stick piles assembled throughout the week. Piles will be removed as soon as possible and disposed of in an appropriate manner.

Note: Please refrain from any activity that could cause injury to yourself or others. All work is performed at your own risk. Please exercise sound judgement and err on the side of caution. 

The Stonington Cemetery is a twenty-two acre non-sectarian burial ground founded in 1849. It is located at the corner of North Main Street & Route 1 in Stonington, CT.

This is a very special location that blends elements of local historical significance with the characteristics of an operative cemetery. The Stonington Cemetery, once known as Evergreen Cemetery, has a long history. It is an outstanding example of the three historic cemetery movements in this country: the family or church graveyard, the rural or garden cemetery, and the memorial style cemetery.

The cemetery is managed by the Stonington Cemetery Association and a number of dedicated staff members that tend to the general maintenance of the property and the individual needs of clients.

Support and Giving Opportunities
The Stonington Cemetery Association is an organization that works to maintain and preserve this historically significant treasure. Support aimed at helping with volunteerism and operational expenses is always needed. Examples of cemetery operational costs include grounds maintenance, future property development, roadway repairs, tree removal, waste management, building maintenance, clerical expenses and other general upkeep. 

Much of the progress seen on the property is a result of purely volunteer efforts and personal donations from the members of the Board of Directors, SCA Advisory Board and community. Your support and generosity in the form of time and/or financial contributions is welcome and sincerely appreciated by the association. Thank you for considering a gift to the Stonington Cemetery.​​