Cemetery Records

The Stonington Cemetery Association is in the process of consolidating cemetery records from a variety of different sources. The following are some helpful sources of information that are partially consolidated. Please feel free to direct any specific questions to the association and we'll do our best to respond with the requested information.

General Burial Records

Recent Plot Owner List

Plot Owners - April of 1945 to May of 1984

Plot Owners - April of 1987 to July of 1994

​Case & Hicks Inventory

Section 1 Map

Section 2 Map

Section 3 Map

Section 4 Map

All Sections Map

Historical Maps

Current Map

Historical Map (1927)

Stonington Cemetery to Stonington Historical Society Long-Term Loan

Loan Catalog

The Stonington Cemetery Association welcomes any information that contributes to the historical documentation of the cemetery. Please feel free to contact us if you have information to share.