The Stonington Cemetery Association

The Stonington Cemetery Association is responsible for maintaining the Stonington Cemetery. Membership in the Association is broad and includes people who are full time residents of Stonington, own a plot, or are the descendants of plot owners. If you aren't a member of one of these three categories, but are interested in membership, you may be elected into the Association by the Board of Directors. There is no fee for Association membership. If you aren't eligible for membership but would like to become a Friend of the Cemetery, please contact us.​

Board of Directors

The following parties have been elected to the Stonington Cemetery Association Board of Directors.


Lynn Callahan - President
Philip Darrell & Lloyd Miller - Co-Vice Presidents
Heidi Simmons - Secretary
Ann Freeman - Treasurer

Board and Committee Members
Michael Devine - Chair of the Grounds Committee
Shane Devine - Chair of Digital Data Committee
Tom Taylor

Trad Dart

Don Steinhoff

John Olmstead

Advisory Board Members

​George Avery

Fred Burdick

Alison Darrell

Bob Suppicich

Mary Thacher

Michael Nolan - Sales & Service
Tim Keena - Grounds